vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Can we use the internet ethically for our mutual growth?

At a time where there are so many divisions.selfishness, conflicts of all sorts,the internet is doing what we can't do ourselves. It is unifying us across oceans and earth borders. It is doing what we don't want to do and that we are doing in spite of ourselves. Its communication tools and capacity of accessing some resources freely became some of our survival tools. Unfortunately we are not seeing greater human progress with this great addition. People, social groups, institutions use it to reinforce existing social divisions. We haven't learned the lessons that this unconscious energy brings to us. We, intelligent and conscious beings, who have the power of domination over the other dynamics of this universe, refuse to follow the directions of our innate guides: our spirit and soul. These parts of ourselves exist for our survival: a survival different of that of the other existing beings. It is thanks to these elements that we uphold our power. We use that power so selfishly to destroy the rest of the existence that we forget that we are destroying ourselves at the same time. We forget we are nothing without the rest of us . A mad man, so egocentric in conquering the rest of the world by taking over its resources for himself and/or his clan would have to destroy himself at the end since after he eliminates his own clan he will end up to his own destruction since he will not be able to survive by himself. We have received innumerable teachings since our existence in order to change direction. We listen to the voice of our innate guides. We confess our wrongdoing. Still we continue to follow the same paths. Is it time now to use the technology to do better than it's doing and accomplish our real purpose. Meanwhile let's use it and other available tools to facilitate the accomplishment of that purpose

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